Friday, 5 January 2018

TYPSA reveals the Preliminary design of Lahore Twin Tower project

After Karachi and Islamabad, Lahore will also get its very own Twin Tower in the Central Business District of the city.

Well renowned engineering company TYPSA as been hired to design and handle the project.

Location: Twin Tower will be built in Gulberg area at the intersection of Jail road and College road which is the prime location of Lahore.


Twin tower will be 300 ft tall structure and will have 25 floors above ground and 4 basements. It will be a mixed-use building. Features are as follows:

  • Commercial Center
  • Offices
  • Shopping Mall
  • Apartments
  • Playland
  • Cinema
  • Swimming Pool
  • Five star hotel
  • Roof top restaurant
  • Food Court

Orange Line Central Station will be Asia's largest Intra-city Metro underground station

Lord Mayor of Lahore Colonel (retd) Mubashir Javed visited GPO chowk, Mall road on 3rd January to examine the construction going on of Orange line metro train.

Orange line metro train track length is 27.12 km out of which 25.4 km is elevated while remaining 1.72 will be made underground by making cut and cover.

Supreme Court had put stay order against construction within 200 ft of 11 different historical sites given the reservations of civil societies some 22 months ago. But since the stay order has been lifted, work on all these sites including GPO chowk has started with full swing.

One of the two underground stations, Central station will also be built at GPO chowk which is the most critical part of the project since it is situated at one of the busiest places of Lahore, the heart of city and downtown, Mall road. While talking to media, Colonel (retd) Mubashir Javed revealed that Central station will be Asia's largest Intra-city Metro underground station covering a huge area of 10,000 square meters.

Traffic Diversion Plan for GPO chowk

In order to complete project on time and speed up the work, city traffic police has closed this intersection for 3 months from 1st January. Traffic diversion plans have also been setup to avoid traffic jams and choas.

  • Traffic coming from Chairing Cross and Assembly hall and willing to go towards Lower Mall will have to take left turn at State Bank chowk towards Fane road. Then from Mozang Adda chowk, traffic will take turn towards right and go to Lower Mall road via AG office and Jain Mandir.
  • Traffic coming from Data darbar, Town hall and Anarkali, and willing to go towards Chairing Cross will be diverted towards Napier road via Neela Gumbad. Then it can come on Mall road via Highcourt chowk.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Imamia Colony Shahdara railway crossing to finally get a flyover

LAHORE: Finally a sigh of relief for the residents of Lahore and Shahdara as federal government has decided to construct a flyover over the railway crossing at Imamia colony, Shahdara.

According to sources, Project is being funded and sponored by federal government. Flyover will be of three lanes on both sides and will be connected later to proposed expressway project in future.

PC-1 of this project was decided to be submitted in the 290th session of National Highway Authority (NHA). Session directed to submit PC-1 of Rs. 2 billion and 4.7 million. It will be sent to Central Development Working Party (CDWP) for approval. Preparation of PC-1 will take approx one month.

Something about Proposed expressway from Shahdara Mor to Rachna town

The elevated expressway from Shahdara to Rachna Town will be consisted of 8 lanes, 6 of those will be reserved for general traffic while remaining 2 will be for the metro bus line as an extension of Green line. Out of 6 km expressway, 4.5 km part would be elevated (above ground), while remaining 1.5 km would be at-grade (on ground). An interchange will also be built at Shahdara Mor making it a signal free intersection.

Newly revamped Labor Room at Lahore General Hospital is ready for inauguration (PHOTOS)

Newly revamped Labor Room at Lahore General Hospital is finally ready for inauguration.

Over the last six months, Lahore General Hospital has been able to notably contribute to a better healthcare delivery system.

Recently, we saw the addition of a hundred beds to Pakistan Institute of Neuro Sciences (PINS) - the total bed capacity now is 500; Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery and low cost Prostate Treatment, free Goitre Treatment and a modern technique to remove kidney stones without operation were all introduced at Lahore General Hospital. Not only that, 40 bedded Orthopedic Unit - II was also recently inaugurated at the hospital.

Check out pictures:

Safe Cities Project will be inaugurated today by the CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif to shortly inaugurate the fully operational Safe City Project of Lahore. Through this project, government shall not only be able to give safe and secure cities to our succeeding generations but also facilitate the movement of citizens.

Improvement in law and order situation will have positive impact on business, economy and trade outputs as well.

Among the federating units, Punjab is the first province that has launched the Safe Cities Project. Given its overall benefit, the government is extending the project to six other major cities of Punjab, namely Multan, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Faisalabad.

The Safe City Project is focused on ensuring security and quality of life in cities through the use of technology, infrastructure, personnel and processes.

Punjab Police Integrated Command Control & Communication Center (PPIC3) includes:

1. 8,000 CCTV cameras
2. E-challan & Red Light Monitoring System
3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
4. 600+ police communication officers

Check out the latest pictures of this setup:

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Speedo Bus FR-12 route changed for an indefinite period of time

Punjab MetroBus Authority (PMA) and Daewoo has temporarily changed the route plan of FR-12 which travels from RA bazar to Civil Secretariat. This decision has been taken after the construction of remaining underground portion Orange line has started on GPO chowk, Mall road.

Orange Line metro train is supposed to pass though the busy intersection of GPO chowk, Mall road. It will be a portion of underground section which also includes Central Station of Orange line. Work on this portion was not yet started as Supreme court had put a stay order some 22 months ago. Now when court has removed the stay order, construction on this portion has started with full swing.

To speed up the work and timely completion of this project, city traffic police has closed GPO chowk for three months which has resulted in traffic chaos and huge traffic jam in this region. Also affecting the operation of Speedo Bus Service FR-12 which is one of the busiest routes of the city.

According to speedo bus attendants, FR-12 whose routine route was from RA bazar to Civil Secretariat, instead of keep going on Mall road will now take turn at Alhamra hall signal near Lahore Zoo, going all the way to Railway station. According to attendants, this route change is temporary and will be back to routine route as soon as GPO chowk is cleared.

Routine route: RA bazar, PAF market, Girja chowk, Fortress stadium, Canal bridge, Lahore Zoo, Chairing Cross, Regal chowk, Anarkali, PMG chowk, Civil Secretariat.

Changed route: RA bazar, PAF market, Girja chowk, Fortress stadium, Canal bridge, Lahore Zoo, Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Shimla pahari, Empress road, Railway station.

How to travel from RA bazar to Civil Secretariat and vice versa

As we have already mentioned that FR-12 is one of the busiest route of the city as it is passing through the major commercial and downtown areas of the city. Most of the government offices and famous educational institutions are situated along this route. Therefore a huge chunk of people will be affected with this route change decision. But still there are other ways people can commute between these points:

To Travel from RA bazar to Regal chowk, Anarkali and Secretariat: Take FR-12 from RA bazar and make stop at Lahore zoo. Then take four stroke rickshaw which will charge you Rs. 20 to go further towards Anarkali and Civil Secretariat. Same method if you are travelling from Secretariat to RA bazar.

To travel from RA bazar to Secratariat: Take FR-15 from RA bazar which will drop you at Civil Secretariat. It goes via Cavalry Ground, Gulberg and Jail road. Another option is to take FR-15 and make stop at Kalma chowk and then take metro bus to go Civil Secretariat. Same method if you are travelling vice versa.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Groundbreaking ceremony of Indus Highway dual carriage project from Jamshoro to Sehwan

HYDERABAD - Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah unveiled 133 km Indus Highway (N-55) dual carriage project from Jamshoro to Sehwan on Tuesday.

The project is planned to be completed in two phases. First from Jamshoro to Manjhand and second from Manjhad to Sehwan, Murad Ali Shah was informed and added that tenders have also been invited for second phase of the project and the work would be started after completion of required formalities in January 2018.

Ground breaking ceremony was arranged near Cadet College Petaro which was converted into a public meeting. Chief Minister also informed that single carriage Indus Highway from Jamshoro to Sehwan was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto some 20 years back, however due to increase in traffic, the construction of dual carriage become necessary to overcome losses of precious lives as a result of accidents.

The project would not only facilitate the residents of Jamshoro district but it will benefit entire Pakistan. The incumbent Sindh government is taking keen interest to develop the backward areas of Jamshoro by initiating several development projects including solar energy water supply schemes.

TYPSA reveals the Preliminary design of Lahore Twin Tower project

After Karachi and Islamabad, Lahore will also get its very own Twin Tower in the Central Business District of the city. Well renowned engi...